Rock Bass

Anglers catch rock bass throughout the St. Lawrence River.  Most anglers don’t target them, but you will most likely find some rock bass if you target smallmouth bass or perch.  Bigger rock bass will eat many of the same finesse baits that anglers use for smallmouth bass.  If you fish with worms, minnows or leeches for perch, you will catch rock bass too.

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Crappie are secondary here and many anglers will never run into them.  If you target crappie here, you can catch some nice fish, especially during the spring.  In the month of May, anglers will target crappie in the bays around docks, overhanging trees, downed trees and new, green weeds.  There are some big crappie in the river system, so if you target them early in the year, you may run into some very big crappie.  Later in the year, crappie are a lot harder to locate for many anglers due to the deep, clear waters here.

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Yellow Perch

The St. Lawrence River has plenty of perch in it.  The anglers who target walleye and smallmouth bass with live bait will usually catch some perch too.  There are good numbers of perch in the river, but you will have to sort through a lot of smaller perch to find some of the jumbo perch.

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