Fishing Calendar

Fishing Red Lake, Ontario in the Spring

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 30° / 7°
April 47° / 24°
May 61° / 38°

It is still pretty cold up here in the spring, so make sure to bring some warm clothes if you’re coming up here early in the year.  You can have nice spring weather as warm fronts push through, but when cold fronts hit, you’re going to want some of your winter gear in the boat.  Anglers do very well here once everything opens up.  Pike, walleye and lake trout are all shallow.  Anglers catch some absolutely giant northern pike in shallow water plus good numbers and trophy walleye up shallow too.

Fishing Red Lake, Ontario in the Summer

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 71° / 49°
July 75° / 55°
August 73° / 53°

It never really gets hot up here in the summer.  There can be an occasional warm front that makes it hot, but average high temperatures are in the 70s all summer long.  It is much more like spring weather all summer long, which makes it quite comfortable for fishing.  Even though it doesn’t get hot here for long, the fish still follow similar summer patterns like they do on other lakes farther south and into the U.S.  You may still find some fish shallow all summer long, but for the most part, walleye, lake trout and northern pike are going to be found on offshore structure around deeper islands, points and shorelines.

Fishing Red Lake, Ontario in the Fall

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 61° / 43°
October 46° / 32°
November 29° / 15°

The fall gets cold quick, so if you’re planning a trip here during the fall, make sure you account for that.  Many fish will move back into the shallows as water temperatures drop back down into the low 60s and high 50s.  Once it gets even colder, most fish will head towards deeper water where they will stay until spawning time.

Fishing Red Lake, Ontario in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 13° / -4°
January 8° / -11°
February 15° / -7°

There are some businesses still open and catering to anglers who want to ice fish in this area.  Lake trout, northern pike, walleye and perch will usually cooperate all winter long.