The barracuda is a very strong, exciting fish.  Many anglers are often annoyed by the barracuda because it will tear up carefully prepared baits that were made for other types of fish.  The barracuda are long with sharp teeth and they have similar attributes as the freshwater northern pike.  If you enjoy northern pike fishing, you will love fishing for barracuda.

Barracuda Fishing in the Cape San Blas / Port St Joe, Florida Area

There are more inshore charters available that offshore charters here because it is a good 40 to 50 mile boat ride out to find good bottom fishing structures in deep water.  Anglers that go out and fish these structures will run into some barracuda to go along with plenty of other fish too.

Barracuda Fishing Tips

Barracuda can be caught on a variety of live and cut baits.  Lively baits tend to work best because barracuda love the chase.  If you choose to use lures for barracuda, some of the best lures are tube lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits and spoons.

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