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The walleye fishing is outstanding in the Sioux narrows area on lake of the woods.  In this area, there are tons of bays, islands, channels and plenty of areas to duck out of the wind and still catch some fish on windy days.

Fish Early in the Season

In the spring and early summer, you can find tons of walleye in shallower water along the shorelines, off the points and islands and on the shallower reefs.  For many anglers, this is the easiest time to catch walleye in this area without having to go far to do it.  Once summer patterns set in, you are going to find a lot more walleye out on the main lake.

 Main Lake Walleye

If you take a look at a map, you will see that it is a decent boat ride out to the main lake from Sioux Narrows out past Yellow Girl Bay.  You can catch walleye in many spots on the way out, but once summer rolls around, most anglers will tell you that the walleye fishing is so much better out on the main lake.

Catch Lots of Walleye

If you get out to the main lake, you have a good chance to catch a lot of walleye.  Some anglers report 30 to 50 fish days and even more once they get out there.  You still have a lot of water to fish, so you need to spend some time finding the better spots that are holding bigger schools of walleye.  If you spend more time out on the main lake though, you have a chance to catch tons of walleye here.

Catch Big Walleye

This part of the lake gives anglers a good chance to catch some huge walleye just like the other parts of the lake.  Early in the year, you may find some big walleye closer to the town of Sioux Narrows.  Some anglers report some success in Whitefish Bay, which is very deep with clear water, so it can be challenging.  Out on the main lake though, you have a real good shot of catching a huge walleye all season long.

Best Baits for Walleye

Walleye eat a variety of different baits, however, when push comes to shove, it is much easier to catch them with live baits.  Minnowsnightcrawlers and leeches are definitely the best live baits for walleye.

While most anglers will just use live baits, many anglers will also target walleye with lures as well.  Crankbaits and soft plastics are the best lures for walleye, however, you can catch walleye with a variety of different lures.

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Live Baits for Walleye

Lures for Walleye

Best Rigs for Walleye

When targeting walleye, there are many different rigs that you can use to catch them.  While most anglers will keep it super simple and just use a simple jighead, many anglers will use a variety of rigs such as spinner rigs3 way rigsbottom bouncers, drop shot rigs and many others.

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Best Techniques for Walleye

Jigging is by far the most popular technique for walleye fishing, however, you can catch them a variety of different ways.  Castingtrolling and drifting are some of the other awesome techniques that anglers use for walleye.

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