Sioux Narrows Walleye Fishing

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The walleye fishing is outstanding in the Sioux narrows area on lake of the woods.  In this area, there are tons of bays, islands, channels and plenty of areas to duck out of the wind and still catch some fish on windy days.  In the spring and early summer, you can find tons of walleye in shallower water along the shorelines, off the points and islands and on the shallower reefs.  Once summer patterns set in, fish the deeper reefs and holes in this area and you should be able to catch plenty of walleye.  Most anglers that fish for walleye here will make a run out towards the main lake.  If you take a look at the map, you will see that it is a little bit of a boat ride out.  There are other areas of Lake of the Woods that offer shorter boat rides to the better walleye fishing, but if you factor in all the awesome smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing here, it’s not too bad to take a boat ride out for a couple days on your trip to go find the better walleye fishing.  If you get to the better walleye spots, you can catch good numbers of them and big fish up to and above 30 inches are possible here.

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