Nestor Falls Walleye Fishing

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The Nestor falls area on Lake of the woods is home to some excellent walleye fishing.  Anglers usually have no problem catching good numbers of walleye on this part of Lake of the woods and big fish up to 30 inches are fairly common every year.  This area has a lot of areas where you can get out of the wind and still fish on windy days, which is great.  There is also a lot of shallower water on this part of the lake with enough deep water in the area to hold some walleye.   When the walleye do go deeper, you may have to take a boat ride out to one of the bays up north or out west to find some of the deeper stuff, however, anglers report catching plenty of walleye in this area on some of the deeper drop-offs in 20 to 30 feet of water.  Take a good look at a map with depth contours and you’ll get a better idea of this area.  It’s an awesome place to fish and if you want to catch walleye, there are plenty of places to do that.

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