Nestor Falls Northern Pike Fishing

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Northern Pike anglers have a blast in the nestor falls part of lake of the woods.  If you come here to target pike, you should be able to catch good numbers of them and big fish up to and above 40 inches are caught here every year.  Fish the numerous bays, islands and points and you should be able to catch plenty of northern pike.  Take a look at a good map and you will see all the awesome areas that you can fish for pike.  They will relate to the rocks, but any areas you can find with weeds and 5 to 8 feet of water, you should be able to find some fish.  The deeper water is great too, however, on this part of the lake, there is a lot more shallow water, which makes it a little more difficult for the pike to go hide in deeper waters.  If they are around and feeding, there is a good chance they are moving up on a point, island or in a bay to find an easy meal.

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