Nestor Falls Muskie Fishing

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The muskie fishing is great on Lake of the Woods and this part of the lake has plenty of muskie in it.  Anglers do well casting around all the islands, points and bays in this area.  There is so much water to fish with so many spots that could hold muskie that it can be difficult to know where to start.  Find some productive looking areas that hold bass, walleye or panfish and there are probably some muskie around there too.  This part of the lake has so much good shallow water to fish that you don’t want to rule that stuff out.  You can catch some nice muskie in the shallower waters of this area.  There is plenty of deep water here too for when the fish go deep.  You may have to put in your time to find these awesome fish, but there are plenty of them here with some very big fish too.

Learn More About Muskie

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