Morson Fishing Calendar

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Fishing Lake of the Woods Morson in the Spring

The spring provides some awesome fishing, however, don’t be surprised if you end up fishing during a cold front with some cool weather.  Time it right though and come in on a warm front and the fishing can be flat out amazing.  Walleye, bass, pike and muskie can all be found in the shallows around islands, in bays and along the shorelines.  With so many bays and islands in this area, you have a lot of great spots to fish in the spring.

Fishing Lake of the Woods Morson in the Summer

This area has a lot of islands and offshore structure, so you have a lot of options when summer fishing arrives.  Plan on find all the fish deeper than the spring and at some point, most of the better walleye, pike, smallmouth bass and muskie are going to be found quite a bit deeper on offshore structure.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find some fish shallower in the bays, around the islands or just off of points, however, the deeper water will usually provide better fishing opportunities, especially for trophy fish.

Fishing Lake of the Woods Morson in the Fall

The fall provides some awesome fishing.  As many of the fish transition from summer to fall, you can find a lot of fish shallower.  With so many awesome spots to fish with shallow water close to deep water, anglers have a lot of options.  The numerous islands are great spots in the fall with quick access to shallow water and deep water.  As the temperatures drop even more into the later part of the fall, expect the walleye, bass, northern pike and muskie to be found in deeper water offshore.  You can still have some awesome days, but you may need to find some of the offshore structure that is holding large schools of fish.

Fishing Lake of the Woods Morson in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

In the winter, ice fishing can be good here as northern pike, walleye, perch and crappie will feed all winter.  You won’t find a ton of businesses here catering to the anglers ice fishing, but there are some businesses here that will cater to you and get you on the ice so you can catch some fish.