Kenora Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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The Kenora part of lake of the woods is an awesome smallmouth bass fishery.  Anglers that target them can catch a lot of bass.  This area’s many bays, points and islands combined with all of the rocky bottoms will give anglers so many places to fish for smallmouth bass.  Good numbers of 2 to 3 pounders are common and big bass in the 4 to 5 pound range are possible.  The spring and early summer is the best time to fish for smallmouth bass.  If you time it right, big bass will be all over the shorelines.  If you know how to fish for smallmouth bass though, you will have no problem catching plenty of smallmouth bass from summer through fall.  In the summer and fall, anglers usually do a lot better fishing the reefs offshore.

Fishing the Bays

There are so many bays to fish.  While the bays won’t always be the better bite, there will be plenty of smallmouth bass you can target in the bays especially in the spring time.  The bays that have more rocks will be more productive than the ones that have more weeds.

Fishing the Drop-offs

There are so many good drop-offs along the shorelines, points and islands that you have so much water to fish if you want to fish drop-offs.  From summer through fall, these spots will hold a lot of smallmouth bass.  Find the spots that drop off fairly quickly from 4 to 6 feet of water down to 15 to 20 feet of water and if you have some rocks there, you have a pretty good chance to find some smallmouth bass here too.

Fishing the Flats

Some of the flats in the bays will hold a lot of smallmouth bass in the spring as water temperatures warm.  For the most part, the flats aren’t going to be where the better bite is, however, there are plenty of areas that offer some pretty good fishing without much structure.

Fishing the Points

You have so many points to fish that you could literally just fish this pattern and you would never run out of spots to fish on any given day.  Target the points off the islands or off the main land and you will find smallmouth bass.  The rocky points are definitely more productive for smallmouth bass and if you can find a nice drop-off as well, you’re more likely to find some better fishing.

Fishing the Islands

There are so many islands that this is another pattern you could fish and never run out of new spots to fish.  Most of the islands will have plenty of rocks and they will hold smallmouth bass.  The islands with some nicer drop-offs will almost always be the better islands for finding quality fish.

Fishing the Reefs

The reefs are a great summer through fall pattern and there are plenty of reefs to fish in the Kenora area.  Many of these spots will also have walleye on them as well, so don’t be shocked if you’re catching smallmouth bass and walleye here.

Fishing the Rocks

There are rocks everywhere and smallmouth bass love the rocks.  You won’t have a hard time finding the rocks.  You will have a hard time figuring out which area to start fishing on your first visit here.  It all looks good and most of it will hold smallmouth bass.  Target smallmouth bass on the points, islands, along the shorelines and on main lake structure as well.  You will find rocks everywhere.

Fishing the Weeds

The weeds are definitely not the best pattern for smallmouth bass here, however, if you are fishing the weeds, don’t be shocked if you run into some smallmouth bass here too.  It’s a secondary pattern for most anglers though for sure and most anglers won’t target the weeds at all when fishing for smallmouth bass here.

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