Kenora Crappie Fishing

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The Kenora area does have some good crappie fishing, however, they are secondary here.  Fish some of the weed beds early in the year for some of the best crappie fishing you will find here.  Once they go deeper, they are harder to find, however, there are some huge schools of crappie on this lake.  If you find them, you may catch a bunch of fish in a hurry.  If you don’t, you may end up catching smallmouth bass and walleye instead.

Fishing the Bays

Crappie can be hit or miss in the bays, but in the spring, they move into the shallower water as it warms and if you search for them, you can find some very nice crappie here.  The weedy bays tend to hold more fish than the rocks, but some of the rocky areas will hold some quality fish too.  In the summer and fall, a lot of crappie move to offshore structure, so the bite in the bays is more difficult.

Fishing the Drop-offs

Some of the drop-offs that are known for holding some nice smallmouth bass and walleye will also hold some quality crappie in the summer and fall months.  You may have to do a little searching to find the schools of crappie, but when you do, you can catch some very nice fish with this pattern.

Fishing the Reefs

Some of the reefs will hold plenty of crappie throughout the summer and fall.  Many anglers will catch crappie on accident while targeting walleye or smallmouth bass with live minnows or hair jigs while targeting the reefs.

Fishing the Weeds

The weeds are a good pattern in the spring as the water warms up.  Some crappie can still be found in the weeds throughout the year, however, the spring and early summer will usually be best for this pattern.  Some of the deeper weed edges can hold some nice fish in the summer and early fall though too.

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