Other Places to Fish in the Area

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Laurensons Lake

Laurensons Lake is a small lake on the East end of Kenora.  It gives you access to Lake of the Woods through a creek.  There are many houses on the lake and anglers do fish this lake for northern pike, walleye and bass.  For many people who live on the lake, it is a great place to leave with fairly quick access to Lake of the Woods.  The fishing is much better on Lake of the Woods.

Longbow Lake

Longbow lake is a decent-sized lake with a couple resorts here to accommodate you.  It’s a good fishing lake and a good option for when the winds make Lake of the Woods a little rough.  Anglers can target walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, muskie and panfish.  Big fish are available as well as anglers report impressive catch of bass, muskie, pike and walleye every year.

This lake also offers a boat lift from Longbow Lake into Lake of the Woods.  It is just a short boat ride from the camps on the lake, so many people who stay here will take advantage of that as well.

Winnipeg River

The Winnipeg River is just minutes from downtown Kenora.  The fishing is very good on the river and it is not affected by weather as much as Lake of the Woods.  When the wind blows hard or when a cold front moves through, many anglers will go fish the river instead.  The fishing is very good for lots of different species.  Most anglers will come here to target walleye, pike or muskie, but the bass fishing is very good, perch are here and an occasional sturgeon is even caught here too.  Trophy fish pike, walleye, muskie and bass are in the river.