Walleye are king on Lac Seul.  If you follow some of the reports from the fishing resorts on this lake, it’s kind of hard to believe that this is a drive-in lake.  Local bait shops and resorts don’t think anything of someone catching 40 to 50 walleye in a day.  Some boats with 2 to 3 anglers can easily catch over 100 walleye a day with live bait when the bite is on.  Every day isn’t going to be a 100 walleye day, but they are definitely possible on this body of water.

Lac Seul is also known for its big walleye.  With the slot limit and strict fishing regulations, this lake has very good numbers of big walleye in it.  Fish in the 27 to 30 inch range are fairly common and even bigger walleye are possible.

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