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Florida Keys
Rating 10.0

One of the best fishing destinations in the world.  Many tournaments are held throughout the year for a variety of species.  The backcountry is known for its excellent fishing for bonefish, tarpon, permit and so many other species of fish.  Offshore, the fishing is also outstanding for so many different species of fish.  Plan a trip here and you’ll be wishing you had more time to experience this awesome fishing vacation destination.

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Jupiter, FL
Rating 9.75

This is one of the better snook fishing destinations in all of Florida and there’s a lot more here than just snook fishing.  Whether you fish inshore, offshore, from the surf or from the pier, there are so many species of fish that you can target here.  This isn’t nearly as crowded as some of the more popular Florida vacation destinations, but there is plenty here to do and less crowds to deal with.  It’s one of the best fishing destinations in the country.

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Port St. Lucie
Rating 9.75

This area can be awesome for fishing.  From the Indian River to the St Lucie Inlet, the beaches, nearshore and offshore fishing, you have so many options here.  Snook get a lot of the attention here, but there are so many species of fish you can catch here.

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Boca Raton
Rating 9.25

Boca has an inlet, a good amount of water to fish inshore and everything you need to accommodate you on a fishing vacation.  Spend some time offshore fishing for a variety of different fish and you’ll be happy you got a chance to do some fishing here.

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Fort Lauderdale Area
Ranking 9.0

The only thing keeping Fort Lauderdale from being a perfect 10 is the lack of inshore fishing for anglers here.  The offshore fishing is awesome and you can get out on a charter here, you can experience some spectacular fishing in a gorgeous area of Florida.

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Boynton Beach
Ranking 8.5

Inshore, offshore and plenty of things to do here.  It’s a good fishing destination and you will find plenty to do here if you visit this area.

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Lake Okeechobee
Ranking 8.5

If we had to rank Lake Okeechobee on the ability to catch lots of bass and trophy bass, it would get a 10.  It’s a great bass fishing lake for numbers and trophy bass.  There are enough places to stay here with enough dining and fishing-related businesses to help make your trip a memorable one.

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Lake Worth
Ranking 8.5

You have the Lake Worth Lagoon and offshore waters aren’t too far away.  This area isn’t as popular as some of the other areas in southeast Florida, but you can definitely catch a lot of fish here.

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West Palm Beach
Ranking 8.5

There is so much to do in West Palm Beach that the fishing is usually secondary, but the fishing is very good here.  Whether you fish inshore or offshore, there are options for you here.

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Ranking 8.0

Fishing is definitely secondary to all the other entertainment in this town, but there is definitely some awesome fishing in this area.  Whether you are fishing inshore, offshore or inland in freshwater, you can catch a lot of different fish down here and plenty of trophy fish live here too.

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