Lake Trout

There are plenty of lakes in this area that have good lake trout numbers and some big fish too.

Cecil Lake

Cecil Lake is a trout lake. There are some very deep holes in this lake that hold lake trout through the summer.  Early and late in the year, you can find some lake trout shallower, but for the most part, you’re going to be fishing for these trout in the deeper parts of the lake.  There are good numbers of lake trout here with some big fish too.

Indian Lake

Indian Lake is a good-sized lake with lots of bays, points and some islands too.  There is a variety of fish on Indian Lake, however, walleye and northern pike are the primary species of fish.  You may also catch perch, smallmouth bass, lake trout and whitefish.

Mameigwess Lake

Mameigwess Lake has deep water and it is known as a good lake trout lake.  Most anglers fish this lake for lake trout, but there are some big northern pike here too with smallmouth bass, perch and brook trout rounding out the fishery.

Paguchi Lake

Paguchi Lake is like 3 lakes in one and they all produce good fishing for northern pike.  Paguchi Lake is known for its good lake trout fishing.  The west end of the lake provides more open water and anglers report good fishing for trout here.

Raleigh Lake

Raleigh Lake is a good-sized lake that fishes like 3 different lakes – one large lake, one small lake with several smaller bays and one medium-sized lake.  This lake has very deep, cool waters and it is one of the better lake trout lakes in the area.

Learn More About Lake Trout

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