Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are a secondary species of fish on Eagle Lake, however, there are some very nice smallmouth bass in this lake.  If you spefically target the rocky points, shorelines and offshore reefs, you can probably pick off a couple bass here or there and if you cover enough water, you may have a nice day on the water fishing for smallmouth bass.  For most anglers that fish this lake, unless they run into a school of smallmouth bass, they will usually just catch these fish on accident while targeting while or northern pike.  Some anglers do spend a lot of time fishing for smallmouth bass when they are in the shallows as they prepare to spawn.  Reports of 20 to 30 bass days with some very big bass pushing 4 and 5 pounds are not unheard of during the late spring and early summer when the bass are in the shallows, but this is definitely more of a walleye, pike, muskie lake.

Learn More About Smallmouth Bass

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