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Eagle Lake is located in northwestern Ontario about 120 miles north of International Falls, Minnesota. There is plenty of water to fish with over 68,000 acres of water and over 400 miles of shoreline. Eagle Lake is a great lake for catching walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie. There are plenty of fishing resorts and lodges located on the lake.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie & Smallmouth Bass

If you are coming here to target walleye, pike, smallmouth bass or muskie, you have a real good shot of catching good numbers of fish with trophy potential too.  Most anglers come here to target the walleye or muskie and you should be able to find the walleye and catch a good amount of them with some big fish too.  The muskie aren’t always easy to get to bite, but you should see several fish here if you fish hard for them and it is definitely possible to have multiple muskie days here.  The monster muskie live here too.  If you want to target pike, there are plenty of them in the lake and if you upsize your pike lures a little bit, you will target bigger pike and muskie too.

Secondary Species of Fish

Perch & Crappie

Perch and crappie are secondary here, however, there are plenty of perch in the lake if you want to target them.  Most anglers will catch some perch while fishing for walleye.  Crappie are here too, but don’t expect big numbers.  The spring is definitely the best time to target crappie on this lake.

Fish the Bays

There are a lot of bays with vegetation on Eagle Lake, so you can very easily go from bay to bay and target pike all day long.  In many of the bays, you will find plenty of vegetation and shallower water.  The shallow water vegetation will usually hold smaller pike from spring through fall and some better quality pike in the spring and fall.  The deeper weed edges is where you want to be to consistently catch some of the bigger pike that are hanging around in the bays.

Fish the Islands

You have a lot of islands on Eagle Lake.  Some of them will be super rocky while others may have some rocks and vegetation mixed in.  The islands that have some vegetation will usually hold more northern pike, however, pike will often be found around the drop-offs of the rocky islands as they look to find a tasty walleye or smallmouth bass to eat.  The wind-blown islands are usually more productive for these structure-oriented fish.

Fish the Points

Eagle Lake has a ton of points to fish.  If you choose to fish this pattern, you will find a lot of rocky points.  If you find some vegetation, that will usually help hold more pike as well.  Fish the points that have some deeper water nearby and you’ll have a better chance to find quality pike.

Fish Reefs

Eagle Lake has a lot of structure in it and many anglers will fish the reefs for walleye or muskieNorthern pike are found around these reefs as well, especially during the summer months.

Fish the Rocks

Eagle Lake has rocks everywhere, so plan on fishing some rocks while targeting pike here.  Most anglers target pike around the weedy bays, but the rocks can hold a lot of pike here.  Wind blown rocky points and islands can be very productive, especially in the spring and fall.  The deeper rocky islands are better in the summer and late fall.

Fish the Wind Blown Structure

You can very easily just fish the wind blown structure as a pike pattern and have a lot of success.  You may have to put in some time to find the more productive areas, but once you find some areas that have a lot of bait fish, you will usually find the pike close by as well.

 Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Eagle Lake is in Zone 5)