Bream or Sunfish (Bluegill, Redear, Pumpkinseed, etc.)

Bluegill and other sunfish are available here too.  Some anglers report some excellent catches and some won’t see any.  It all depends on where you are fishing.  Many of the sunfish type spots will be the shallower bays with vegetation.

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Crappie are in the Georgian Bay waters.  The shallower bays along the north shores will be the spots to fish if you are looking for crappie.  In some areas, they are here in good numbers and are very under fished.  There are just so many other fish to target here that most people will just go right past the good crappie spots.  Break out the smaller minnows and jigs and fish around the vegetation in these bays and you should be able to target some crappie in the spring and early summer.  As they go deep in the summer and fall, the fishing can be more challenging, but the deeper weed lines are usually a good place to start.  The schooling crappie that roam the deeper, open waters are a little tougher to find, but if you do, you can catch some very nice fish.

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Yellow Perch

Perch are here too.  There used to be better perch fishing than now, however, if you want to target them, you can.  The spring and early summer is the easiest time to do it as they move into all the great shallow water spots in the bays.  Fish the vegetation in these bays and you’ll catch some perch too.  Once summer approaches, the deeper weed lines and open water will be where most of the better fishing for perch will take place.

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