Nottawasaga River

The Nottawasaga River, also called the Notty, is the biggest wild steelhead river that flows into Georgian Bay.  It’s slower moving, deeper waters make it somewhat difficult to catch steelhead on it because it is flat, slow and slightly cloudy.  When you find the fish, it isn’t as hard to get them to bite since they won’t spook as easily as they would in clearer water, but they are harder to find for most anglers due to the lack of obvious spots.  You have to put your work in on this river to learn where the steelhead like to be if you’re going to consistently catch them here.

The upper sections of the river have brown trout and brook trout, but this section of the river is almost all private lands, so you don’t have access to this area.  Bass, northern pike and muskie can be caught in the lower sections of the river.