Creek Channels

Creek channels can be great in the spring and the fall.  Some anglers do well fishing them in the summer as well.  The creek channels are kind of like an underwater highway that many crappie will use as they migrate in and out of the bays, inlets, coves and other shallow water spots that they can be found.

Look for Staging Crappie in the Spring

In the spring, crappie will move into these creek channels in large numbers as they wait for water temperatures to warm up enough in the shallows for the spawn.  Fish these areas as water temperatures are warming from the low 50s up through the spawn and you’ll find some crappie.

Find Rocks, Weeds or Wood

If you can find some rocks, weeds or wood in these creek channels, you’ll usually have a better chance to find some crappie.  These spots will just usually hold more fish life in general and crappie will move in to find bait fish to feed on.