Fishing Line Recommendations

Most anglers prefer to go light when crappie fishing.  Fishing line in the 4 to 6 pound range is common and it’s light enough to handle the smaller jigs and live bait setups that you’ll be using for crappie fishing.  If you are having some problems around the heavier cover that crappie like to hang around, try upsizing to 8 and even 10 pound line and this will help you get out of some of those snags.

Clear Water

In clear water, good crappie anglers usually stay in the 4 to 6 pound range and fluorocarbon leaders are popular to help present your bait to crappie that spook easily.

Murky Water

In murkier water, you can definitely go heavier with your line and still get plenty of bites.  The main problem with going heavier is that it makes it harder for anglers to feel some of those finicky bites.  Most crappie anglers will still use fairly light line, so even in murkier water, most anglers will be using line in the 6 to 10 pound range.  Some crappie anglers do like to use some of the brighter, fluorescent lines that are highly visible to the angler.  With the murkier water, you can get away with some of these lines and anglers can see the line so much easier which helps make fishing a little easier for them.

Types of Fishing Lines

There are so many fishing lines on the market.  Most anglers still use mono, however, braid has gotten very popular among anglers that like to fish around heavy brush.  Fluorocarbon line is to the go to fishing line for clear water.  There are also several types of super lines on the market that are gaining in popularity as well.  You have a bunch of options when it comes to fishing lines for crappie fishing, however, most anglers will stick with 4 to 6 pound monofilament fishing line.