Tarpon can be found in the passes, on the beaches, around bridges, near docks, on the flats and in the tidal creeks, inlets and backwaters.

Fishing Rigs

There are several rigs that work great for using a variety of live baits and soft plastic baits for tarpon.

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Live & Natural Baits

Tarpon eat a lot of different baits.  Shrimp work well and there are many different types of bait fish that tarpon will eat as well.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Use medium-heavy to heavy action spinning gear or baitcasters.  You will want some heavy gear for when you hook into a big tarpon.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

Anglers often catch tarpon with lighter line, but we don’t recommend it.  When you get a big fish on, you should have the proper tackle to handle it.  Use 30 to 50 pound line with an 80 to 100 pound flourocarbon leader.

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Eating Tarpon

Tarpon are not good for eating.  They are considered a sport fish.