Best Live & Natural Baits

Crabs are one of the best baits for tarpon.  Dead crabs can work, but the lively crabs will work better.  Many anglers swear by the bigger blue crabs when tarpon fishing.

Cut baits will work for tarpon too.  Live baits tend to work better, but a cut mullet will work great for tarpon.  You can use other cut baits too.  Tarpon will eat a variety of different bait fish.

A lively menhaden is one of the easiest ways to catch tarpon.

Mullet are right up there with menhaden.  Get a lively mullet in front of tarpon and you will catch some fish.

You can’t go wrong with a pilchard for most inshore fish and they work well for tarpon too.

If you can’t catch any of the other baits, try using pinfish.  They may not be the best tarpon bait, but they will definitely work.  A lively pinfish will most likely be better than a dead bait.

Shrimp are great tarpon baits.  Use the jumbo shrimp to target better-sized fish.

Spot are another great live bait for targeting tarpon.