Best Rigs

The fish finder rig is a great rig for getting your bait on the bottom.  When you need to get your baits down deep, this is one of the best live bait rigs you can use.

A big bobber or float can be effective for using live baits higher up in the water column.  Tarpon often feed higher up in the water column, so this can be a great way to catch some of these fish.

This rig works well in shallow or deep water, but it’s more of a deep water presentation for most anglers who fish for tarpon.  Make sure you have a heavy enough weight to get your bait down to the bottom.

The bigger jigheads work well for rigging soft plastics and live baits.  Anglers usually use these when fishing deeper water, but you can use them shallower too.

The weightless rig is a great rig for using bigger live baits and letting them just swim freely through the water column.  When tarpon are up in the water column, this is a great rig to use.

When you just need a little bit of weight, go with a split shot rig.  It works great for targeting suspended tarpon.