Snook are found mostly inshore around all types of cover and structure.  Bridges, passes, bays, backwaters, tidal creeks, rivers, mangrove-lined shorelines, docks, piers and the beaches will all hold snook at some point throughout the year.

Fishing Rigs

There are several different rigs that work great for catching snook in many different situations.  From weightless rigs to heavier bottom rigs, this section will get you caught up with the best snook fishing rigs.

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Live & Natural Baits

Snook will eat a variety of live and cut baits.  In this section, we will cover the best baits for catching snook.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Medium-heavy to heavy action rods and reels are needed to catch the bigger snook.  You can get away with lighter gear for the smaller snook, but we don’t recommend it.  Once you get a big snook on with light tackle, you will understand why we recommend the heavier stuff.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

20 to 30 pound line will usually do the trick.  You can use mono, but a lot of anglers use braid and other super lines.  Use a 30 to 40 pound fluorocarbon leader as well.

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Eating Snook

Snook taste great and because of their large fillets, you can easily fry, grill or bake these fish.  Make sure you know the current fishing regulations before you decide to keep a snook.  There are often closed fishing seasons that allow anglers to still fish for them, but you have to release the fish immediately after catching them.