Best Rigs

This is one of the best bottom fishing rigs.  When fishing the bridges, beaches or deeper mangroves and docks, this rig works great.

A well placed bobber can work great for snook that are feeding higher up in the water column.  This is a popular rig for fishing along the mangroves and in the canals around docks.

This is a great rig for fishing shallow and deep.  Use it for a variety of live baits and soft plastics to target snook.

A simple jighead is great for live baits and soft plastics.

A popping cork can work great around shallow water.  At times, snook may be spooked very easily and this rig may not work.  At other times though, the popping cork can help bring aggressive snook closer to your bait to take a look and hopefully eat your bait.

The weightless rig is one of the best rigs for fishing live bait fish and jumbo sized shrimp in the canals around the mangroves and docks with little current.