Murky Water

Northern pike are sight feeders, but in darker water, pike will rely more on their lateral line to feed if their vision is restricted.  Pike feed better by sight, so the fishing is often better during the day because they can use their vision much more to help them feed.  Large, noisy baits are preferred for fishing in dark water.  Topwaters, rattling crankbaits and minnow plugs, large-bladed spinner baits and bucktail spinners are the top choices for fishing in murky water.  Steady retrieves produce better than erratic retrieves because the fish have time to hone in on the lure.

Slow Down

Slow down with a steady retrieve and you’ll give the pike a little more time to find your bait and a better chance to eat your bait.  You can still fish faster lures, but a slow and steady retrieve will usually get more bites that a lure that is being retrieved really fast.

Brighten it Up

Go brighter with your lures or jighead.  Greens and oranges are good colors to use.  Since pike are so visual, bright colors are a good way to stand out in murky water.

Fish During the Middle of the Day

The middle of the day will provide the most light, which makes it easier for pike to see your lure.  On many bodies of water, you will find a good bite going on throughout the middle of the day when fishing for pike in murky water.