Because pike are sight feeders, night fishing is usually not nearly as productive as fishing during the day.  Pike still can be caught at night, but you will be much more productive during the day.  If you do fish at night, try fishing during the full moon or fish areas that are lit up with lights from docks, houses, a marina, etc.  Try using bigger baits with lots of flash and noise.  You also have to be careful.  Taking off a northern pike can be somewhat difficult during the day.  At night, it can be flat out dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Our recommendation is to fish during the day, but if you’re looking to target them at night, we have some good tips below that will help.

Fishing Tips

Go With a Buddy

Simple.  Be safe.  Go with a buddy.

Have the Proper Lights

No lights and you’re asking for trouble.  You may be fine, but just wait for the tangles.

Know the Water You’re Fishing

Scout out the areas you plan on fishing at night during the day.  This is one of the best tips for staying safe.

Check the Weather

You don’t want to be on the water at night if bad storms are coming in.  Even if you know what you’re doing and you have all the required safety gadgets, it won’t matter if something happens and you need the help of someone else.  There is a good chance that nobody will be out there to lend a hand.

Fish During the Full Moon

The full moon offers more light at night which makes fishing easier on the angler, which is great.  The fishing is usually also better, so it’s a win-win.

Fish Clear Water at Night

On lakes with very clear water, the night time bite can actually be pretty good.  It’s the one scenario where some anglers may actually get more bites at night than during the day when fishing for pike.  On some lakes with crystal clear water, the day time bite can be flat out tough on pressured waters.  Fishing at night can really pay off big time on clear water.