Because northern pike are sight feeders, the early morning usually isn’t the best time to fish for them.  However, later in the morning can be one of the best time to fish for pike, so don’t rule out the mornings.

Early Morning Can Be Quite Good in Clear Water

The early morning bite can be very good in clear water due to the excellent visibility in low light conditions.  The first couple hours of daylight is usually the best time to try to target pike in the shallows in clear water.  As the sun gets up higher though, pike will usually be found a lot deeper in clear water.

Slow Down at First Light

If you are an early riser, make it easier for those pike to find and eat your bait by slowing down your presentation.  If you fish slower during that first hour of light, you are going to get more bites, especially if you are fishing murky water.

Use Lures That Are Easier to See

Go brighter or bigger with your lure selection to make it easier for them to see your bait.

Expect to Get Some Strikes Near the Boat

If you give the pike a chance to hit your bait near the boat, you will be rewarded for this and catch more fish over the course of your life.  This doesn’t mean that you’re going to catch more pike every time out, but you will catch more pike in the long run by giving them a chance to eat your bait by the boat.

Late Morning is Usually Best

You don’t have to get up super early to have good pike fishing.  The better fishing for pike usually occurs after the sun has been up for a couple of hours anyways, so don’t feel guilty sleeping in when you are targeting pike.