Fishing for pike in the evening is similar to the morning.  Because they are sight feeders, the afternoon usually provides better fishing for pike.  The evening can be very good though because most pike don’t feed much at night.  If they are going to eat something before dark, the evening is their last chance.  Flashy lures with some vibration or rattles work real well in the lowlight conditions.  Try using spoons, swimbaits, spinners, spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

Cover Water

In the evening, you’re working against the clock.  Every minute that passes gets you closer to sunset and worse fishing conditions for pike.  You can usually find a lot of active fish just before it gets dark, so cover some water around your favorite spots looking for active fish.

Use Lures That Are Easier to See

As the sun starts to set, go brighter or bigger with your lure selection to make it easier for them to see your bait.

Fish Shallower

A lot of times, pike are going to move into shallower water to find an easy meal.  So, you may find some quality pike that were in 20 feet of water during the water up as shallow as 4 to 5 feet depending on the spot.  For example, if you were fishing off a point during the middle of the day and the better bite was on the drop-off in 20 feet of water, there is a good chance that some of those pike will move shallower in the evening to find food.  That could be 1o feet, 12 feet or as shallow as just a few feet of water.  Make some casts into the shallows as night time approaches and you’ll get some strikes.