Early Summer

In early summer, many of the bigger northern pike will transition from the bays out onto main lake structure.  Many smaller pike will move out to these areas as well, but you can usually still find plenty of small pike in the shallows feeding in the bays too.  You will still find some quality pike on the deeper weed edges that are forming, so don’t rule out these spots, but the islands, reefs, underwater humps and open waters on the main lake will start seeing bigger numbers of pike now.

Mid Summer

As summer patterns set in, northern pike are very predictable.  Mostly smaller pike will be in the bays around the shallow weeds.  Some quality pike will still be found on the deeper weed edges in the bays and on the main lake too.  The rock structure will now hold a lot more quality pike though, so check the deeper water anywhere from 20 to 30 feet deep, however, some pike will be on the thermocline over water as deep as 50 feet or more.  Find pike around the islands, underwater humps, main lake points and in open water around bait fish.

End of Summer

The end of summer up north can be difficult because some pike will go back shallow and some pike will stay deep.  Water temperatures cool down quick up north, so you may see pike moving back in the shallows in big numbers by the middle of August in many areas in Canada.  As you come down into Minnesota and Michigan, this may be the end of August.  The cooler nights move some bait fish back into the bays and pike will follow.  Target pike shallow and deep in the bays and out on main lake structure.  You may have to seek out more spots to find them, but there is a good chance you will catch some fish everywhere while bouncing around from shallow to deep.