Submerged Weeds

When fishing submerged weeds, you have a lot of different options.  Fish some baits just above the weeds or along the weed edge.  Most of the normal pike lures will work in these areas.  Spoons, crankbaits, spinners and swimbaits are just some of the options for fishing these areas.

In-line Spinners

In-line spinners are great for fishing over the tops of weeds. Submerged weeds will usually hold pike and you can catch a lot of them by bring in a spinner just above them.


Spinnerbaits are another great lure for fishing around submerged weeds. If the weeds are somewhat thick, keep the spinnerbait above the weeds. If you are fishing scattered weeds, you can get the spinnerbait a little deeper as these lures usually can be ripped through scattered weeds with a lot of success.


A swimbait rigged weedless will also work great over submerged weeds. If it is scattered, you can get this bait down deeper and work it through the scattered weeds as well.

Weedless Spoons

Weedless spoons are great for fishing above submerged vegetation. If you have scattered weeds, you can fish it deeper also with a lot of success. When you feel a weed, just rip it up and then keep retrieving the lure.