Shallow Weeds

The shallow weeds are easy to find because you can visually see these areas.  Many anglers are drawn to fishing these spots even if they aren’t the best spots to fish.  In the spring and fall, the shallower weeds in the 2 to 5 foot range will hold some quality pike with lots of smaller pike too.  In the summer though, most of the bigger pike will move out into deeper water, so the shallow weeds usually hold lots of small pike.  One good exception to this is if you can find some shallow weeds that are very close to deep water.  In these areas, big pike may move in shallow to feed before moving back out to deeper water.

In-line Spinners

In-line spinners are probably the best shallow water lure and they do a great job of swimming above and around a variety of shallow vegetation.


Underspins are great for swimming a variety of soft plastics above and around the shallow water weeds.

Topwater Lures

While topwater lures aren’t always the best way to catch northern pike, at times, they are the best lures to fish in some of the shallow water vegetation that can be hard to fish without getting lures caught up on the weeds.