Fish the Reeds

The reeds that have some deeper water can be very productive.  It doesn’t have to be much depth either.  Some of the shallow reeds will be in water just 1 to 3 feet deep, so this is definitely a shallow water presentation.  You may catch some fish in these spots, but you’re going to have better success for better quality pike as you get into the 4 to 6 foot spots with reeds.  If there is some deeper water nearby, that will also help.  For example, if you pull up to an island and the reeds are in 2 to 6 feet of water and then there is a drop-off into 12 feet of water and then even deeper, this spot could be a great spot to find some quality fish.  Pike will move up into the reeds to find an easy meal and then they will move back into deeper water to rest.

Bass Jigs

Bass jigs work great around the reeds. Swim them with a trailer on the edges or pitch them up into the pockets of the reeds.

In-line Spinners

In-line spinners are one of the best lures for fishing the edges of the reeds for northern pike.

Scrounger & Minnows

A scrounger jighead and minnow bait works great around the edges of these reeds. The lighter weight scroungers do a great job of staying up above the weeds so you can keep them in the strike zone for a long time without getting snagged up.


Spinnerbaits are one of the best lures for fishing the edges of the reeds. You can also fish some of the scattered reeds and pockets with these lures as well.

Casting Spoons

Many of the areas that hold reeds will have an edge with some water that doesn’t have vegetation. These edges are perfect for throwing one of the all time best lures for pike: a casting spoon.


Underspins are awesome to fish right along the edges of these reeds.