Cabbage is Best

It’s tough to beat cabbage when it comes to pike fishing.  For some reason, pike just love the cabbage.  When you search for weeds on a lake, you are going to find a variety of weeds and most weeds won’t be cabbage.  When you do come across some cabbage, fish it thoroughly, especially if there is some deeper water there as well.  If you can find some areas that have water in the 6 to 12 foot range, you will probably do well.

In-line Spinners

In-line spinners are one of the best lures to fish around cabbage. Just retrieve these lures up above or on the weed edges and you’ll get a lot of action.


Spinnerbaits are another great lure for fishing around cabbage. Bring it in above the tops of the weeds and on the deeper weed edges.

Weedless Spoons

Weedless spoons are great around cabbage as well. Fish it over the top or along the deeper weed edge.


Swimbaits, rigged weedless, can be very effective around cabbage. Whether you are swimming them above it or through the scattered cabbage, they work great. The deeper weed edges are also great spots to throw a swimbait.