Rocks & Boulders

Rocks and boulders are typically better places to fish for walleye or bass, but northern pike can also be caught around big boulders, rocky shorelines and reefs.  Northern pike usually prefer weeds to rocks, so it may be more productive to fish the weeds.  However, on some lakes, there aren’t a lot of weeds so rocks may be where you end up targeting northern pike.  If the walleye, bass and panfish are around the rocks, you can be certain that some northern pike will be nearby as well.

Target the Bottom

On lakes that have walleye and/or smallmouth bass in them, you will usually find plenty of these fish relating to the bottom around the rocks.  Because of this, northern pike will often be found relating to the bottom as well around the rocks.  Make sure to target these fish that are hugging the bottom.  The easiest way to do this is to use jigheads or drop shot rigs.  You usually don’t need to use weedless rigs because you don’t have to deal with wood or weeds.  You may still get snagged up in the rocks, but a weedless rig isn’t going to keep you out of the rocks, so you are better off using basic terminal tackle.  Jigheads, plain hooks with drop shot weights is really all you need to fish the bottom effectively.

Target Suspended Pike

There will often be schools of bait fish that suspend around rocky shorelines, off of rocky points, islands or reefs.  Make sure to target some of these fish as well with crankbaits, jerkbaits, swim jigs and any other type of lure that can be fished throughout the water column.