Quick Strike Rig

The quick strike rig is one of the most popular rigs for targeting big northern pike.  These rigs work well with large chubs and suckers.  When using large chubs and suckers, many pike will grab the bait by the middle of it and if you only have one hook in the mouth of the bait, you will miss many of the bites that you get.

With the quick strike rig, you will rig one of the hooks in the mouth and the other hook in the middle back part of the bait.  When a pike grabs the chub or sucker by the middle of it, you can set the hook right away and get a good hook set.  This helps anglers catch more pike and release more large pike unharmed because anglers don’t have to wait to set the hook.

Pre-Rigged Quick Strike Rigs

Most anglers will just buy a pre-made quick strike rig to use when pike fishing.  If you’re heading into northern pike country, you can find plenty of pre-rigged quick strike rigs in the local bait and tackle shops.

Make Your Own

It isn’t that hard to make your own quick strike rig.  The key though is to make sure you use big enough hooks and use a heavy enough line that pike can’t bite through it.  40 pound test line will usually do the trick.

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