Spoons work well for catching northern pike.  There are many different spoons to choose from.  Take a look below to learn more about the different spoons.

Casting Spoons are some of the best lures for targeting northern pike.  You can fish them shallow or deep and have a lot of success.  Try fishing them around scattered weeds and lily pads when pike in the shallows from 2 to 12 feet of water.  When the pike are deep, try casting heavier spoons and let these lures sink to the depth that the fish are holding.  A slow and steady retrieve will give the spoon plenty of action, but you can work some spoons in with a faster retrieve.

Trolling Spoons work great for northern pike.  Trolling helps anglers cover more water faster and at times to find some of the biggest pike in the lake.  Trolling speeds can vary depending on the spoon, depth and water temperature. Typically, anglers will troll spoons anywhere from 2 mph up to 5 mph, however, 5 mph may be be kind of fast.  Experiment with different speeds until you find what works best for you.

Jigging Spoons work well for pike when they are in deeper water.  Most anglers will use these spoons to vertical jig near schools of bait fish in deeper water.  During the summer and fall, pike can often be found near schools of bait fish, walleye and smallmouth bass in deep water.  A jerk and drop motion works well to give this jigging spoon an erratic action, which makes it look like a wounded bait fish.  Northern pike love an easy meal and that’s exactly what the jigging spoon will do.

Weedless Spoons work great for pike.  These spoons are very effective around the weeds, especially scattered weeds. Pike love weeds and any time you can fish a good-looking lure close to the weeds without getting hung up, you have a good chance to catch a lot of pike.

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