Hard Jerkbaits

Hard jerkbaits work well in shallow and deep water.  There are so many good jerkbaits on the market that work well for pike fishing.  A jerk and stop retrieve makes these lures look like a wounded bait fish.  Just make sure that you pause these baits in between jerks.  These hard jerkbaits will suspend in the water column when you stop them and it drives pike crazy.

Soft Jerkbaits

Soft minnows and soft jerkbaits both work great for northern pike.  The 4 inch minnows that most anglers would use to jig for walleye will also catch plenty of pike.  Try rigging a 5 to 6 inch jerkbait minnow weedless and work it along a nice deeper weed edge.  It’s a great way to catch northern pike.

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