Blade Baits

Blade baits will work well for northern pike. You can cast them out and retrieve them slowly, hop them along the bottom or vertical jig with them. These lures can be very effective when pike are located in deeper water near schools of bait fish.

Fish Them With a Steady Retrieve

The easiest way to fish blade baits is to cast them out and wind them in with a steady retrieve.  Fish them in the shallows or down a little deeper.  Wind them in with a consistent steady retrieve and let the lure create the action for you.

Vertical Jig Them in Deeper Water

Vertical jigging is a great way to target northern pike when they are down deeper.  Blade baits work great with this technique.  Drop the down, jig them up and then let them fall.  Repeat this process as you slowly cover some deep water hot spots.  Use your trolling motor or drift with the wind to cover water with this technique.

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