Bream or Sunfish (Bluegill, Redear, Pumpkinseed, etc.)

Leech Lake has a lot of bluegill in it.  Anglers report bluegill up to and above 10 inches fairly consistently throughout the fishing season, so there is a good chance that you can catch some big bluegill here if you target them.  Anglers that target bluegill will usually catch some perch and crappie mixed in so you have a good chance of filling your live well with some good-eating fish if you go out for some bluegill.

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Leech Lake has been a pretty good crappie fishing lake, even though most anglers don’t target them.  This lake isn’t loaded with crappie, but there are good enough numbers of them that you should be able to target them and catch some if you know what you’re doing.  What stands out about the current crappie situation on Leech Lake is that most of the crappie are big crappie.  If you can find the crappie on this lake, you will have a good chance to catch keeper-sized fish and many anglers will also catch some nice bluegill and perch while crappie fishing.

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Yellow Perch

Leech lake offers some very good fishing for perch.  You can catch a lot of perch on this lake if you go out and actually target them.  This lake also has a lot of big perch that you can catch too.  You will catch plenty of smaller perch on Leech Lake, but if you sort through the smaller ones, you should be able to catch plenty of keeper-sized perch and some nice jumbo perch too.  You can target perch throughout the lake off the points, in the bays, around rocks and weeds.  In the spring, you will find many big fish in the shallows, but once summer rolls around, the deeper weeds tend to hold most of the bigger schools of fish, especially the bigger perch.

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