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Marco Island
Rating 10.0

Marco Island is an awesome saltwater fishing destination.  Fish inshore, nearshore, offshore or from the beaches.  This is a big numbers destination for a variety of different fish and trophy-sized fish are possible here too.  Snook, tarpon and grouper get a lot of attention here, but there are so many different fish to catch.

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Rating 10.0

Venice is a unique fishing destination.  It has an inlet, an awesome inshore snook fishery, quick access to the Gulf for nearshore or offshore fishing and for the anglers that don’t have boats, you can catch some fish from the beaches here too.  Look out for shark teeth while you are on the beach.  This is one of the more popular beaches to look for shark teeth.  Snook gets the most attention in this area, but you have tons of options while here.

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Captiva & Sanibel Islands
Rating 9.5

If the Captiva & Sanibel Islands weren’t so expensive, this destination would have gotten an easy 10.0.  This area has one of the better inshore fisheries in the state of Florida with quick access to get out to the Gulf of Mexico for some awesome offshore fishing too.  This area is known for its awesome snook, trout and goliath grouper fisheries, but that’s just a very small percentage of the number of different species of fish that you may catch here.

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Fort Myers Beach
Rating 9.5

Fort Myers Beach is a great beach vacation destination.  You will see lots of people on the beaches and in the area shops and restaurants.  Most of the very crowded destinations didn’t get rated as high as Fort Myers Beach, but if you stay here, you can enjoy a nice beach vacation while having some unbelievable fishing opportunities all around you.

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Rating 9.5

Naples, Florida is one of the best fishing destinations in the world.  This area isn’t nearly as crowded, which is awesome for those of you who are looking for great fishing without the crowds.  Because Naples is so far south, a lot of people don’t venture all the way down here for a vacation.  The inshore fishery for snook is outstanding and that is what most anglers come here to experience.  You can catch a variety of other fish inshore, offshore, nearshore and from the beaches.

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Charlotte Harbor
Rating 9.25

Charlotte Harbor is one of the most popular tarpon fishing destinations in the entire world.  These fish stack up like crazy here as they migrate north in the spring time.  You won’t be fishing by yourself out here though, which kind of stinks.  It’s kind of like combat fishing if you choose to fish the holes that hold the majority of the tarpon.  Snook, trout and a variety of other fish can be caught here inshore.  To go offshore, it’s a little bit of a boat ride from Charlotte Harbor, but once you get to the Gulf, you have a lot of options.

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Rating 9.0

Englewood kind of gets missed by many anglers that are looking to go to Florida for a fishing vacation, but the fish are here and there are plenty of accommodations to help make this trip a comfortable one.  Like the other destinations in southwest Florida, expect to be fishing for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and many other species of fish.  You can fish inshore, offshore, nearshore or from the beaches.

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Pine Island
Rating 8.75

Pine Island is an awesome fishing destination.  You can access all the areas that you would be fishing by staying on nearby Captiva and Sanibel Islands.  You won’t have all the amenities that you would have if you stayed over there, but there are plenty of awesome fishing spots close by, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if you can’t afford to stay on those islands.  Snook, trout and redfish are popular, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg here.  Fish inshore, nearshore or offshore.  You have so many options around this island.

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Bonita Springs
Rating 8.25

Bonita Springs gets overshadowed by all of these other awesome fishing destinations in Southwest Florida, however, Bonita Springs can definitely hold its own.  If you end up staying in this area for a fishing trip, don’t be upset that you’re stuck at one of the lower ranking destinations in this part of the state.  You won’t have all the amenities, however, they aren’t very far away and there is some very good fishing here.  If you do feel like you’re missing out, venture north to Sanibel Island or head south to Naples.

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Everglades City, FL
Rating 8.25

The fishing might be better here than anywhere else that we have listed above.  However, this area provides its challenges.  You won’t have all the businesses here to help while on your trip, but there is enough here for you to experience some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States.  If you come down here with your own vehicle and boat, make sure to cross everything off your checklist.  You don’t want to be in fishing paradise and end up having vehicle or boat problems down here.  For the fishing, you name it and you can probably catch it here.  Snook, tarpon, trout and redfish are just some of the species of fish you will catch.

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