Northern Pike

This area is a good area for northern pike fishing.  There are plenty of pike in the area waters and there are enough big lakes here to grow bigger pike in the upper 30 inch range up to and even above 40 inches long too.  Lake Temagami is a popular lake for northern pike and with its irregular shape, you can fish big water, although, it doesn’t feel like you’re fishing big water.  The Marten River system is another good body of water for pike fishing.  All of the lakes connected to this body of water will have pike in them and some big fish are here too.

Most of the smaller lakes in the area will have pike in them also.  Bring a smaller boat if you plan on doing a little exploring while here.  Many of the smaller lakes will have good action, but won’t have the trophy potential that the bigger lakes will have.

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Our northern pike section is huge with information on the best lures, live baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our northern pike page to learn more.