The Area Waters

The Winnipeg river system is home to some awesome river fishing and lake fishing.  Some of the lakes on this system are small and easy to fish, while others are quite big and will take a little more time to learn, but will also have so much more potential for big numbers of fish and trophy fish.  This entire system in the Minaki area is awesome for fishing.  You also have many other lakes in the area to fish if you want to venture away from the Winnipeg river system.

Close to Minaki

The river, Gun Lake, Pistol Lake, Rough Rock Lake and Sand Lake all offer very good fishing.  You could literally spend all your time in this area and fish for a month and you wouldn’t hit every good spot to fish, so don’t feel like you have to venture way far off to find fish on this river system.  These areas get a little more fishing pressure than the farther lakes, but it is minimal compared to Lake of the Woods in Kenora.  It’s definitely a remote fishing destination, however, you will see some boats out here on your trip.

Go South Towards Kenora

Most people drive up here to get away from the more crowded waters, but there is some awesome fishing in this stretch of the river system too.  If you want to head south, there are so many places to fish that you can easily find some water all to yourself.  As you get closer to Kenora, most people will be fishing on Lake of the Woods, so you won’t find the crowds on the river system like you can in some spots in Kenora.

Way Far

If you really want an adventure, head even farther out to Swan Lake or Tetu Lake.  This area receives very little fishing pressure.  If you want to experience some awesome fishing with minimal fishing pressure, you can head here for a day of fishing, but you will have a long boat ride, so you better have the boat for it.  You could stay at Tetu Island Lodge also to get access to this area.  All the same species of fish are here, but it’s a little easier to catch them since many of these fish rarely ever see a lure.