Georgian Bay is home to some giant walleye and there are plenty of them here if you want to target them.  The best time to fish for walleye is in the spring or early summer as these fish move into the shallower bays and creeks in this area.  There is so much obvious water to fish here that are typical in Canadian waters and these bays, points and islands are home to some awesome early season fishing.  As summer approaches, most of the better quality walleye will move into deeper water and as they get out into the big, open water, they are definitely harder to find and you have to deal with the bigger waves as well.

The fall brings a lot more walleye back into these shallower areas, so it is also a good time to target these fish without having to fish really deep, open water.  With the clear waters, make sure you go with lighter line or try using fluorocarbon leaders if you are going a little heavier to avoid the pike bite-offs.

Learn More About Walleye

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