Smallmouth Bass

Georgian Bay supports a healthy smallmouth bass fishery.  The parts of the bay with all the islands, smaller bays, rocky points and rock humps and reefs are where you will be finding the smallmouth bass here.  You can find some open water fish too, but for the most part, the smallmouth bass are going to be where you find the rocks that have access to shallow water as well as deep water.  The bay has a lot of bass and plenty of big fish are caught here too.  There are plenty of awesome spots that will hold smallmouth bass from spring through fall here, however, the spring and early summer fishing is tough to beat.  If you fish it hard, you will see some bass in the 4 to 5 pound range with bigger fish possible too.

Learn More About Smallmouth Bass

Our smallmouth bass section is huge with information on the best live baits, lures, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our smallmouth bass page to learn more.