Shallow Water

Shallow water crappie fishing is some of the easiest and most fun type of fishing in the spring.  Crappie move into the shallows in the spring and the fishing can be very good. Anglers target the wood laydowns, brush piles, docks, weeds and rocky shorelines in search of these crappie moving in to spawn.  Once water temperatures move into the upper 50s, you can expect to start seeing crappie move into the shallows and as water temperatures climb into the low 60s, you should see very good numbers of crappie in the shallows.

After the spawn, the shallow water fishing for crappie can be very hit or miss.  Most of the big schools of crappie and the larger fish will go deeper from summer through fall.

Shallow Water Crappie Tips

Do Not Miss the Spawn

In case you weren’t paying attention:  DO NOT MISS THE SPAWN.  It is the time to target crappie in the shallows and the fishing can be fantastic.  It won’t last for long so get it on it while you can.

Fish the Wood

Crappie love wood and can be found around all types of wood whether it be laydowns, brush piles or full trees.

Fish the Docks

Dock fishing in the spring time can be awesome.  Hit a bunch of docks with your favorite crappie baits and if you time it right, you can catch a bunch of them.

Fish the Weeds

On some bodies of water, it’s all about the weeds.  Find the weeds in the shallow bays and you should be able to find some crappie.

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