The evening is one of the best times to fish for crappie.  You can find these fish moving into the shallows in search of an easy meal.  During the spring, crappie can be in the shallows all day during the spawn and you should be able to find plenty of active fish in 1 to 5 feet of water in the evening.  From summer through fall, crappie will spend most of their time in deeper water, but good numbers of crappie will move into shallower water to feed in the evening.   Some crappie will stay deep and those fish can be very active feeding on schools of bait fish.  With feeding fish in shallow and out deep, you have some options as an angler.  Most crappie fishermen would rather target these fish in shallower water and you can usually find fish find plenty of crappie on shallow flats near a steep drop-off, mid-lake humps and points that have quick drop-offs.

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