As temperatures start to warm, crappie become much harder to find.  They will move to deeper water and travel all throughout the lake in search of bait fish.  The best places to find crappie in the summer are rock piles, brush piles and humps in 12 to 20 feet of water.  Steep drop-offs and deep weed lines will also hold plenty of crappie.  Some of the hardest crappie to fish for are the fish that suspend over deep water.  Crappie can often be found schooled up 15 to 20 feet down over 30 to 50 feet of water.  These fish are catchable, but they can be difficult to find.  These suspended crappie will often roam the deep water in search of bait fish.  When fishing for summer crappie, you should have a good fish finder to help you locate the schools of crappie and don’t be attached to one spot.  Just because you caught fish there the day before doesn’t mean you’re going to catch them in the same spot the next day.

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