Crappie can often be found around weeds, especially during the spring when they move into the shallows to spawn.  Crappie definitely prefer wood over weeds, but there are plenty of lakes that have some good fishing for crappie near the weeds, especially if there is a lack of docks, timber and brush on the lake.  Shallow weeds will hold plenty of crappie in the spring and the deep weed line will hold some crappie during the summer months.  Anglers typically use bobbers for fishing around shallow water weeds with small jigs and live bait.  Slip bobbers work well for fishing the deeper weed lines.

Use Weedless, Finesse Jigs

Weedless, finesse jigs are great for fishing around the weeds, especially scattered weeds.  This will allow you to get your jig into some spots that you won’t be able to do with a regular jig.

Fish the Weed Edges

The weed edges are always a good place to start and the deep weed edge is almost always the best place to target bigger crappie around the weeds.

Fish the Scattered Weeds

Scattered weeds will often give anglers a lot of options for getting your baits in there without getting your baits all hung up on the weeds.  When the crappie are in these areas, you can fish a lot of areas and catch a lot of fish.

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