Bridges are good places to fish for crappie.  There is usually plenty of rock along the bottom near the base of a bridge and some bridges will also have some weeds and wood, which will help attract more crappie.  Bridges that have access to deep water are great spots for catching crappie from summer through fall.  Crappie will suspend along the pilings over deeper water.  On good crappie lakes, it is common to see anglers tied up to the piling or anchored right next to the bridge piling.

Fish From Bottom Up

In order to cover these areas better, try dropping your bait to the bottom along these bridge pilings and then work them up slowly to cover from bottom up through the water column.  Crappie will often suspend next to these bridge pilings so if you are only fishing the bottom, you are missing out on a lot of fish.

Fish for Suspended Crappie Just Away From the Pilings

Sometimes, crappie will move just off the pilings.  This may happen as you catch a few of their friends.  If you mark some of these fish with your electronics, get your bait down to the proper depth and you can catch some of these fish.

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